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GST is one of the biggest reform in India’s indirect tax structure. The new GST regime will open up an array of opportunities for businesses across India as well as those planning to enter the Indian market. On the other hand, GST may also pose various challenges with respect to business planning, budgeting, and investment, as it will change many earlier assumptions regarding business and the market and as a whole. The challenge at hand for the business community is to adapt to the transitional tax reforms by understanding the nuances of the new GST regime. Our team of experts aims to assist our clients in bridging the gap over to GST by providing specialized services to mitigate any GST-related tax risk. Our services include: Setting up of new business and related GST implications: If your company is setting up a new business or venturing into a new area of business, your team may not be aware of the GST implications related to this new business. For such cases, we can assist your company to analyses all the different GST implications that relate to this new business and provide your team with a comprehensive analysis of the appropriate GST treatments that need to be done. GST tax management GST Tax Risk Management Service is a comprehensive review program designed to assist GST-registered businesses to ascertain their level of GST risks with regards to the overall control of the business operations. This includes preparation of the GST returns, output tax and input tax considerations faced by your company. GST Retainership Our retainer program is a subscription-based retainer program that allows you to post your GST-related questions for the attention of our team of GST experts. As a subscriber to this program, you will also be notified of all the latest updates or changes in the GST laws, regulations, orders and guides that are published by the CBEC or the GST Council. GST Appeals/Disputes resolution Apply for advance rulings; Appeal your GST dispute at the GST Appeal Tribunal.