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Corporate Law

A company is a legal entity created under the provisions of the law, usually for the purpose of conducting business. Corporate laws govern every aspect of the workings of a company. The Company Secretaries have vast responsibilities in terms of legal compliance and co-coordinating between the Board and the rest of the members and employees of the company. An indicative list of functions carried out by a company secretary has been entailed below:- To report to the Board about compliance with the provisions of this Act, the rules made thereunder and other laws applicable to the company; To provide to the directors of the company, collectively and individually, such guidance as they may require, with regard to their duties, responsibilities, and powers; To facilitate the convening of meetings and attend Board, committee and general meetings and maintain the minutes of these meetings; To obtain approvals from the Board, general meeting, the government and such other authorities as required under the provisions of the Act; To represent before various regulators, and other authorities under the Act in connection with the discharge of various duties under the Act; To assist and advise the Board in ensuring good corporate governance and in complying with the corporate governance requirements and best practices; and To discharge such other duties as have been specified under the Act or rules; and Conducting Secretarial Audit Conducting Due Diligence audit And various kinds of legal and compliance work.